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Top 5 of my favorite places to have brunch in Montreal

Brunch is definitely my favorite meal, in an ideal world I would eat it at all hours of the day! I love brunch so much, I actually created shirts about them!  Whether it's runny eggs benedict, a stack of super plump pancakes or a breakfast poutine that's way too high in calories... My love for brunch is endless. When your biggest weekend anxiety is choosing between a sweet or savory dish, life is good. Here are the top 5 restaurants where I like to eat.


922 Mont-Royal Ave E

This restaurant on Mont-Royal Ave is a classic for people who enjoy generous portions. Since 1994, it has been serving dishes with incredible and original flavors. The restaurant is always full, if you see a queue on Mont-Royal ave, it is most likely a mix of tourists and locals who are patiently waiting for a table to become available. That was the only negative aspect, you always had to wait, but now thanks to the delivery, you no longer have to queue on an empty stomach! For me, L’avenue sets itself apart from the rest with its eclectic urban decor, quirky but always well-executed dishes and huge portions (I do 3 meals with 1 serving)

Favorite dishes

  • The Indecisive
  • Carrot Cake Pancakes
  • Apple Bacon Cheddar French Toast



25 Fairmount o

Honestly, I am obsessed with their dishes, especially the Belle Province waffle, I think about it all the time. It’s a bacon stuffed waffle, covered in blueberry compote topped with candied bacon. This is the sweet and savory dish par excellence! With every bite you can feel the softness of the waffle with the caramelized crunch of the bacon, the sweetness of the blueberries and maple with the salty of the bacon. In short, just perfect with a huge latte or mimosa. Located in the gorgeous  Mile-End district, this restaurant really has everything to please, the food, the decor and the service are on top.

Favorite Dishes

  • Belle Province Waffle
  • Chicken & Waffle
  • Rustic Benedicts

Le vieux Vélo

59 Rue Beaubien E

If you prefer a more minimalist aesthetic in the decor as well as in the plate, I suggest Le Vieux Vélo, a small neighborhood restaurant on Beaubien Street. The portions are well balanced and their dishes are not overloaded with unnecessary sides. If you want a good bang for buck, it's here. The menu is simple but efficient. My favorite food is the B.A.B. eggs benedict, brie, avocado and bacon, a delight. Special mention for the just perfect latte coffee.

Favorite Dishes

  • B.A.B.
  • Atlantic 
  • Pancakes


Régine Café

1840 Rue Beaubien E

I have to admit that with the pandemic and not being able to go to the restaurant, one of my favourite thing is having brunch delivered to me on weekends. Fortunately, the delivery really made it easier to access the delicious meals at Régine café. Normally you had to ignore your empty tummy and wait in line for a long time to taste their incredible dishes. And in terms of delivery,  Régine Café gets a perfect score. Each dish is carefully packaged, it looks like a gift with wrapping papers and a Spotify playlist to listen along while you brunch!! As for the food, it’s far from the 2 eggs & bacon classic here, The classics are revisited in a fancy and interesting way.

Favorite Dishes

  • Sucré Salé
  • Chic Croissant
  • Gros Jambon

India Rosa

1241 Mont-Royal Ave E

My last brunch crush is the India Rosa restaurant. Yes yes an Indian restaurant that offers brunches !! What a wonderful idea. I admit that the first time I saw their menu my heart started to beat faster and faster, reading this: Béné butter chicken: 2 eggs benedict on brioche bread with butter chicken, fried onions, Brussels sprouts petals, peas and sorrel sprouts. Someone has finally had the brilliant idea of ​​mixing the 2 best dishes in the world and the result is fantastic. The decor is magnificent and the cocktails just impeccable. In short, I highly recommend this restaurant if you fancy a more exotic brunch.

Favorite Dishes

  • Béné poulet au beurre
  • Poulet et gaufres
  • Pain doré du Rosa